Adult Entry

Collage featuring Crap Hound clip art of an tawdry adult theme

Mixed media on heavyweight paper, 2019


Clip Art Catalog Entry 6

Thanks for voting for Reagan and then blaming our attitudes on apathy and entitlement when we complain about how houses don’t cost $20,000 anymore and we can’t just work a part-time job to pay for college.


Dr. Devlin Dean Devlin’s Patented Arm Removal Service

This is an ad I did for a a limb removal service specializing in arms. It was a big fad in the early 90s to have your arms cut off by a licensed limberjack. We all have that crazy aunt who has no arms and insists her life was way better as a result of having them voluntarily amputated. But we all know who can’t feed herself or, you know…during Thanksgiving dinner.