Digital Art

SCORNICATOR : Mount Bloodmore

I recently did the album art for one of my favorite death metal bands, SCORNICATOR. It’s a departure from their earlier albums (like Steppdadd and Cosmic Gang Rape) but I welcome the inevitable evolution of a solid hardcore outfit. Check out Mount Bloodmore on Rotify and I Kidney Radio.

Goosebumps: The Loneliest Pig Farmer

I don’t usually faun over a Goosebumps…and I’ll continue to keep not doing that in this case. I don’t have a weak stomach, but this latest entry in adult-oriented Goosebumps really tried my intestinal fortitude. R.L. Stine’s account of a mentally handicapped pig farmer who falls in love with his prize piggy is really light on one kind of squeal and really heavy in another way less appealing and squeal. I’ll just say this: if they don’t have a PETA in Belgium, then they really need a PETA in Belgium.