The Alan Dean Foster Archives: Theodore Rex


Lucasfilm Artifacts

I found these little gems while putzing around a yard sale at some big-ass mansiony ranch-type place in Marin County, CA. $2 for both! Presumably one has Jawa sounds (gotta find diskette 1) and the other “Palpatine lighting” (maybe the original sound? video clip?). Anyway, I’m definitely going back because that guy was selling all his Star Wars shit for dirt cheap.

lf_jawasounds_2 lf_palpatineltng

Pena Dismemberment Rite 35mm slide

I found this odd little…oddity at an ARC thrift store here in Denver. It’s of former Mayor Frederico Pena suffering some horrendous “rite” wherein a local politician dismembers the incoming mayor’s dominant arm. I’m still getting used to the strange habits of Colorado.


What is Basketball – Hardaway

Little known Eurodance album by Penny Hardaway from 1994.  It was clearly a rip-off of “What is Love” by Haddaway, but we were all so entranced by the Orlando Magic back then that no one gave it a second thought. As far as non-basketball endeavors by Orlando Magicians, it sure beats the shorts off of Steel, Blue Chips, and Kazaam.