Dr. Devlin Dean Devlin’s Patented Arm Removal Service

This is an ad I did for a a limb removal service specializing in arms. It was a big fad in the early 90s to have your arms cut off by a licensed limberjack. We all have that crazy aunt who has no arms and insists her life was way better as a result of having them voluntarily amputated. But we all know who can’t feed herself or, you know…during Thanksgiving dinner.



LotsaKnives Ad

I did this ad for a company called SliceWorks, Inc. to market their version of the iconic Swiss Army Knife. I can attest that it did not work as advertised and only included four knives, one of which was actually a teaspoon. To boot, the “stylish” carrying case was really just a secondhand American Tourister bag.


Lycra Bustier Handbags, Footwear, and Cats, Unlimited LC.

Thanks to Web 2.0 and other hmtls, I am finally able to embark on three dreams I’d heretofore found unattainable due to total lack of all requisite skills.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming line of designer handbags:

2017-02-22 12_21_06-Image-to-Image Demo - Affine Layer

Comfortable and affordable footwear for any season or occasion:

2017-02-22 11_52_05-Image-to-Image Demo - Affine Layer

And brand new cat breeds that will jumpstart your YouTube careers and more:

2017-02-22 09_18_42-Image-to-Image Demo - Affine Layer

Daniel Valenswine’s Holiday Pig Farm

This is an ad I did for DV Pigs, Inc., a hog concern in Iowa that formerly sold piglets to men desperately searching fro the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The operation was shut down by the USDA after it was discovered the piglets being sold were actually hairless French bulldogs riddled with contagious skin parasites.


Thanksgiving 1991, Americans for Protein Alternatives

During the early 90s there was a brief fad of “alternative proteins.” The APA tried to get people to eat things like snake, raccoon, macaque, and even box turtles, which we marketed to replace turkeys. It didn’t catch on, but I do recall being invited to a Passover seder where the Z’roa, or lamb shank, was replaced with egret.