Hi! I’m Matthew C. Mariner. I’m an artist and graphic designer. I also dabble in creating collages, web comics, and collecting random junk from alleyways, bookshops, and thtiftstores.

I have done ad art for companies like:

  • Ted Manson Fonts
  • Collegiate Buckets R’ Us

Check me out on Tumblr: http://lycrabustier.tumblr.com/, Twitter: @lycra_bustier, and Instagram: lycra_bustier

If you’d like to ask me questions, please do. I love indulging in what little ego I have: marinermc@gmail.com

My artwork has appeared in Birdy Magazine (a full-color glossy monthly showcasing art and literature in Denver, CO); Dirt (a small-press zine based in Denver, CO); and Open Palm Print (an arts and literature quarterly based in Michigan).

The following galleries, bars, and yoga studios have been duped into displaying my work:




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